Possibility for CO2 compensation

We are now proud to launch the possibility to compensate your Trade Show emissions!

"What does that mean?" you might ask - well, we are more than happy to explain, just keep on reading!

Although we are always excited about B-to-B events it's a well known fact that these cause a heavy impact on our precious environment: Countless amounts of flights, hotel nights, taxi trips, wasted stand material and truck traffics.

We are now able to provide you with an average calculation of your CO2 emissions for your participation. The cost per 1000 kg CO2 compensation is only under 5 €.

We cooperate with Karbonautti and for each ton of compensated emissions we support Gold Standard projects for a more sustainable world. Please read more from karbonautti.com.

And wait, there is more!

For doing this your company will earn a digital certificate that can easily be added to your company's communication channels - Share with the world the good you are doing and encourage others to do the same!

We are happy to give you more information about how to reach your company's green goals even better.